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Economic Prosperity

Goal H: Greater Boston’s economy benefits all in the region.

Greater Boston’s economy benefits all in the region.

The region has a thriving and varied business ecosystem from locally-owned stores to global companies, expanding wealth-creation opportunities for families and individuals throughout the region. Medical, education, and high tech sectors continue to play an important role in our economy. New jobs are located near transit, other infrastructure, and existing services. State and local governments and customers support small and mid-sized businesses, including those that are owned by women, people of color, and immigrants. The region remains a destination for students, entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators from all parts of the world.
  1. 1.
    Policies and programs support the development, expansion, and relocation of small and mid-sized businesses, with a focus on entrepreneurs who are women, immigrants, and people of color.
  2. 2.
    The region has a strong supply of workers through education and workforce development programs that keep up with changing labor demands.
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    Cities and towns work together and with the Commonwealth to attract and retain businesses that provide good jobs and strengthen our region. Incentives are used sparingly and wisely through specific agreements that ensure job creation, infrastructure investment, and municipal fiscal health.
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    Vacant and underutilized commercial and industrial sites are revitalized, and they provide new jobs close to population centers and transit.
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    The region has a job-housing balance so that workers can find homes affordable to them with shorter commutes through strategic development of housing near job centers and commercial districts.
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    Entrepreneurs and new businesses thrive across the region, with significant contributions from small businesses owners and women, minority and immigrant entrepreneurs.